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The watch is fitted with the Rolex contract movement caliber 59 which is signed Rolex Geneva on the top plate. This picture shows the typical markings that are located inside of the case backs on the Canadian Rolex models. Notice the dial which also has the red 24 hour markings as well as the small seconds bit.

These were distributed and sold through Rolex Canada from the 1930s through the 1950s. Many of these watches came with the sweep second hand rather than the smaller seconds bit. The Standard resembles the Regent model but differs in that the dial is marked Rolex Oyster and directly above the seconds bit it is marked Standard.

the bright yellow face was designed to increase visibility in low-light, nautically submerged conditions, under water.

The yellow dial gives off such cheerful hue, especially one that comes with its original T dial and original hand sets that have aged gracefully over the years !!!

These watches were most frequently sold in gold-filled and stainless steel Oyster cases.

These watches are frequently seen with 24-hour military dials and as such, many were given as gifts to soldiers departing for active service in Europe during World War 2.

There was no mention of Rolex or Rolex Oyster on the dial's of the Eaton's 1/4 Century Rolex watches.

Some of these watches were manual wind Rolex Oyster or automatic Oyster Perpetual models.

The American retailer Zell Brothers sold Canadian Oysters under their store name Zell Brothers and the model name Turtle Timer, These watches usually had the movements marked Oyster Watch Ltd. This vintage Canadian market Rolex is perhaps one of the rarest of the Canadian Oysters along with the Corvette models, Hurricanes, Pioneers, Grenfell's, Lincolns and others that were scarce but Neptune's are seldom seen.

Original stainless steel case with stainless steel screwback case (size: 35mm excluding crown, 38mm including and 43mm from lug to lug) in very good condition. Beautiful original with special textured design in very good condition.

Lok closely and you will notice very interesting and nice fine grains-like texture on this original dial.

These two pictures show a typical Canadian Rolex with the Rolex caliber 59 movement which is actually an FF30 model. The Rolex Canadian Oysters used a Rolex Oyster watch case with a Rolex Oyster Patent crown.

The various models marketed included names such as Oyster Centregraph, Oyster Lipton, Oyster Junior Sport, Oyster Raleigh, Oyster Commander, Oyster Recorda, Oyster Edison, Oyster Grenfell, Oyster Standard and Oyster Shipmate.

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This watch has the unmistakable Rolex minute chapter and dial configuration as the other Canadian Oysters of the 1930's and 1940's.

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